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Framework Introduction To Boxes
Frame wooden case is a large wooden box, its contents outside the maximum weight and maximum dimensions are determined under normal conditions of transport. In General, the wooden counterpart in the framework 12m, outer width in the following 3.5M, high 3.5M, weight is within 500-20000kg of the contents therein. This wooden box is mainly used to wrap a large mechanical products, can also be used to load small goods. Frame wooden case is made by the base, sides, end and top cover. They in structure shàng of difference is: framework wooden of box Board for State Board: framework wooden box Board outside, skeleton all layout in box within; framework wooden assembled shí first will two a side installation in base and two a side shàng, last binding top cover; both are is to base for based to load of, but framework wooden than sliding wooden in end surface and side shàng also more out framework structure, is due to these framework structure, makes framework wooden than sliding wooden by can bear load to big have more.