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New Design Better Solution --Brighton Trunk Linear System
The rapid development of modern industry and the improvement of people's standard of living, people will increase demand for folding wine tray and tray of wine quality also put forward higher requirements. To avoid waste in automatic folding gluing machine, folding carton packaging machine automatically opens at high speed, such as forming, filling and sealing process, wine cartons structural design requires not only reasonable, but also ensure that cartridge has plenty of Fold gluing and precision die-cutting precision. Short version live increase quality, reduce production costs and improve processing is also wine carton packaging market pressures and challenges faced by enterprises, in wine cartons which requires applying new technologies in the production process, and constantly improve the automation of equipment, reduce adjustment time and live-assisted preparation time. Only continue to adapt to the new changes in the market, meet the requirements of different users in order to increase the competitiveness of wine packaging enterprise.

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